The Cold Outreach Guide

If you’ve ever tried to tame a fire-breathing dragon, you know how difficult it is. It’s a laborious process, unpredictable, and sometimes you end up getting burned...

… something a lot like cold outreach then.

Actually, with the right techniques, the tools to match, and a wise old dragon master to show you the way, dragons can be tamed. Unfortunately, at NetHunt... we don’t know much about dragons.

What we do know is cold outreach, and the following ebook contains all the right techniques, tools, and templates that are going to help you tame that mythical beast, cold outreach, across email, phone, and social media.

What is cold outreach?

Cold outreach is an effective, budget-friendly way of banging your business drum to get more customers. Traditionally, it involves calling someone to ask them if they want to buy your product; more recent cold outreachers have used email to reach out to prospects, and the most recent cold outreach channels involve social media. However, it doesn’t rely on a single outreach channel anymore. The triple touch approach, including phone, email, and social media, is now widely used for prospecting, with chat and AI bots expected to follow soon.

In fact, using three or more channels in your campaign can result in a 287% higher purchase rate.

It is basically outbound marketing; casting your rod and seeing if anything bites.

Why should I use cold outreach?

10 reasons to jump on the cold outreach train.

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