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July 26, 12 PM EST

How to outbound in the dying outbound era


The CRM for lead generation

Businesses grow x5 with NetHunt CRM

Scale your lead generation and prospecting efforts with NetHunt CRM. From automatic adding of leads to the CRM to sequences and reporting – all within one tool.

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Capture new leads from
multiple sources

Collect leads from various channels and centralize all the data in a single CRM system — segmented, clean, reliable, and easily manageable.

Capture leads from
emails in one click

Being natively integrated with Gmail, NetHunt CRM lets you create a new contact or deal right from the email. We automatically add information to the CRM record and link further emails to the record.


Turn calls into new deals

Got a new call and feel that it’s a promising lead? Create a new record on-the-go and add all the valuable information that helps you turn the lead into a customer.


Generate leads from social media

Due to tight integration with LinkedIn, you can add new Companies and Contacts to NetHunt CRM in a few clicks. All available information from the LinkedIn companies and people profiles will be added to CRM records.


Capture website visitors from chats

Spot a potential client in a conversation on a website? Create a new Contact record in CRM from the chat and link the conversation to it. Store every interaction and never lose any context of your relations.


Turn messengers into sales machine

Add another lead generation channel to your stack. Connect conversations with customers through messengers like Facebook or Telegram to related customer records in CRM. Talk to the customers where they are!


Catch leads with custom online forms

Whether it's gated content produced by your marketing team or a registration form to capture direct leads – no one is left unnoticed.


Sales pipeline

Track progress of every deal

Know what's going on with every deal and be prepared for every pipeline review.

  • Sort deals by their priority and probability to win.
  • Know revenue stuck at every stage of the pipeline.
  • Spot blocked leads and how to push them towards purchase.
  • Build custom pipeline view - for the whole team, every manager, product and more.
Track progress of every deal screen


Nurture leads for faster sales

Keep constant conversations to move leads down the pipeline.

  • Segment leads to send them personalized pitches with custom variables – industry, job positions, company size and more.
  • Set up lead priority based on their actions and plan next steps – number of email opens, link clicks, etc.
  • Set up automated email sequences to target multiple segments at once. Upcoming: multichannel sequences.
Nurture leads for faster sales screen

Customer Story

Recom grew their prospecting business X5 with NetHunt CRM

Want to be the next one?

Insights & Reporting

Focus on what works and close deals

Set up custom views and reports to spot winning patterns or bottlenecks of the pipeline.

  • Count every interaction with leads in the CRM record – analyze emails, chats, calls to know what makes them convert.
  • Create forecasts you can trust and address risks before deals go south.
  • Monitor performance of the team and every team member to adjust sales strategy.

“NetHunt CRM helped us triple our close rate in less than 3 months and it was easy to implement and use”

“NetHunt CRM helped us triple our close rate in less than 3 months and it was easy to implement and use” photo

Paul Jensen
Founder of The LinkedIn Strategist

Focus on what works and close deals screen Focus on what works and close deals screen

Sales Automation

More leads, less work

Automate lead generation. Drive repeatable processes and scale the ones that work effectively.

  • Assign managers to leads and set up personalized sequences to convert them into customer.
  • Set up task reminders to never forget about lead follow-up, even if it’s 6 months ahead.
  • Pass qualified MQLs from marketing pipeline to the sales pipeline.

“We increased the number of MQLs up to 45% with NetHunt’s Workflows”

“We increased the number of MQLs up to 45% with NetHunt’s Workflows” photo

Lina Lugova
CMO at Epom

More leads, less work screen More leads, less work screen

Users love NetHunt CRM

Which is confirmed by numerous independent awards and feedback. All that we do, we do for our clients.

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achievement NetHunt CRM

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