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At NetHunt, we do not just sell a CRM, as simply building a great product is never enough. We have an impressive opportunity to work closely with our customers — to help them grow, to help them succeed.

Financial Services

How to effectively manage growing customer base

iPlan is a financial consultancy firm helping their clients effectively manage savings and investments. See how they use NetHunt CRM to keep their clients in the center of their business despite growing customer base.

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How to effectively manage growing customer base

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Using NetHunt to maintain healthy team competition

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Adapting NetHunt CRM to different situations

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CRM solution for a distributed team

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How to synchronize distributed teams with NetHunt CRM

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Automating workflow for a retail business

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Organizing customer database for a consulting company

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How a small business keeps on top of new clients and leads

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How to effectively manage investor relations with Gmail CRM

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Managing team scattered all around the world

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Connecting CRM and Gmail

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Taking care of reporting and forecasting with NetHunt

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When customization is the key

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Tracking, reporting, and automation

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