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Our Mission

Since 2016, we’ve been on a mission to bring more productivity and balance into your working hours. Our ‘CRM Everywhere’ idea is about making CRM actually work for you by adding powerful CRM functionality to the applications you use every day. Imagine having a full-featured CRM right next to your work emails, chat messages, social media profiles or calendar events. We're making it possible!

Andrew Petrik,
Co-founder at NetHunt CRM

Andrei Petrik

Our Story

Every company has a story, here is ours!

Launched as a CRM for Gmail and supported mobile

When featured on Product Hunt for the first time, NetHunt made it to the Top 10 products list that day. The first iteration of NetHunt transformed the Gmail inbox into a CRM before we started pushing the concept even further.

Expanded to CRM for G Suite

Adding NetHunt to the mix of G Suite apps fostered the synergy between Google Sheets, Calendar, Chat, and Drive. NetHunt and essential G Suite apps started acting as an ecosystem.

Recognized as a certified Google Partner

Tech achievements and integration with Google brought NetHunt the status of certified Google Partner and opened more cooperation opportunities.

Launched web application and integrated with LinkedIn

This year has been awesomely filled with new events, achievements, and releases. Supporting our ‘CRM Everywhere’ vision, we’ve released integration with Google Contacts, LinkedIn, and Sales Navigator. NetHunt web app now serves as a central hub for all the integrations that we have and provides full access to your CRM data without opening Gmail or LinkedIn. NetHunt CRM has got new looks and new functionality: email campaigns, automations, collaboration features, and reports!

For better or for worse, 2020 changed the world

But even though our working culture changed, even though we were torn away from our office... and even when we didn’t know what was coming next…

... we just had to keep going.

And keep going we did.

But... after such a roller coaster of a year… what comes next?

Well, we’ve got big plans to bring absolute sales and marketing automation right inside your Gmail inbox.
We'll release our updated mobile app and a shedload of integrations: Outlook, WhatsApp, Twilio, Slack, and Facebook Messenger. We’re bringing Gmail add ons, CRM automation, and beautiful drip campaigns!

Let’s get growing!

Our Values

Quality and value

Quality and value

in everything we do

Customer centricity

Customer centricity

for product design



in business

Our team

Our team

is our family



for every detail until it’s perfect

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Our Location

The story of NetHunt CRM has started in Kyiv and expanded since then. Today, we are proud to call NetHunt a Ukrainian company that operates globally. Our homelike office is located in the heart of one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in Europe. Come by and say hi!

651 N Broad St, Suite 206
Middletown, DE 19709
Honcharna St, 20,
Kyiv, Ukraine, 01025

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