Meet <span class="blue">NetHunt CRM</span> —<br><span class="nowrapped">a <span class="underlined">better</span></span> alternative <span class="nowrapped">to Pipedrive</span>

Meet NetHunt CRM
a better alternative to Pipedrive

To be able to grow your business, you need to align your sales and marketing activities in one system.

We get it. We've got your back.

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Grow better, grow happier.

It’s time to upgrade from Pipedrive when...

Leads need<br> to be managed

Leads need
to be managed

You need to manage and nurture leads, in addition to your sales deals.

Sales team<br>lives in Gmail

Sales team
lives in Gmail

Your team works in Gmail and wants to make the most out of it.

Sales works with marketing

Sales works with marketing

You’d love your CRM to be able to help you with email marketing too.

Need better data management

Need better data management

You need to segment, filter, and manage your customer data more effectively.

Why NetHunt CRM over Pipedrive?



G2 score



Price (per user/per month)

$24 - $120

$15 - $99

Direct data import from another CRM

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CRM automation

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Marketing automation

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Native Gmail and Google Workspace integration

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LinkedIn integration

2-way integration

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Personalized email campaigns


limitations apply

Advanced email campaign analytics

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Send test email

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Unsubscribe management

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Follow-up campaigns

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Required fields

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Formulas support

all plans

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Support (chat, email, phone)

dedicated Customer
Success Manager

email support

All information was last verified in February 2020.
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Grow better.

Grow happier.

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   When we found NetHunt CRM, I read about the system and decided to give it a try. By now, every single one of us is used to the system. I can control all of my contacts through NetHunt, see all the history of communication and related data. It is perfect.

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Franco Gambini, Director of Operations at Universal Genetics

Take 3 easy steps
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Create an account in NetHunt CRM.


Import your CRM data from Pipedrive to NetHunt CRM.


Schedule a session with your Customer Success Manager to tweak CRM set up and onboard your team!

Still deciding?

Check out our guide: How to Choose the Right CRM for Your Business

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