CRM that works
everywhere you do

NetHunt CRM ties to Gmail and other G Suite apps you work in, automates data flow, and makes important information available to you anytime, anywhere.

Get more out of the tools you already use

NetHunt adds powerful CRM functionality to the G Suite applications you use every day.

Integrated system and many others...

Powerful functionality, awesomely easy to use

Discover highly functional CRM solution for your business. NetHunt is ready to use right away - no special CRM skills required.

Pricing that matches your growth

A full-featured solution, no matter the budget.

NetHunt delivers all the CRM essentials directly to your Gmail

NetHunt CRM for Sales
  • Create leads from emails, social profiles, and chat messages in just one click.
  • See key customer details in every email.
  • Use insightful reports to monitor important sales metrics.
NetHunt for Marketing
  • Send personalized email campaigns powered by insightful analytics.
  • Avoid “Promotion” and “Spam” - land unlimited messages right into the Primary Inbox.
  • Automatically update CRM data based on the email campaign results.
NetHunt for Support
  • Automatically create and assign support inquiries.
  • Increase client satisfaction rate by providing quick resolution.
  • Quickly prioritize requests.

Trusted & Secure

Google Partner

“As a Google Cloud Partner, NetHunt ensures user data safety and now has even more resources to come up with empowering solutions for our clients.”

Andrei Petrik
CEO and co–founder at NetHunt
NetHunt combines the CRM functionality with a Gmail inbox
In terms of full Gmail integration, NetHunt CRM comes closest
It actually makes mass mailing from Gmail possible and a viable alternative to some specialized services
The true value of NetHunt CRM lies in its simplicity and tight integration with the Google Apps ecosystem
4.8 stars
5 stars
4.5 stars
G2 Crowd

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