NetHunt CRM integration with DocuSign

We're excited to announce a soon-to-be-released integration with DocuSign — one of the most popular eSignature and Digital Transaction Management platforms. You will be able to track document status and store signed documents in NetHunt CRM linked to proper contacts, companies or deals.

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Automatically fill in the document with contact's details in NetHunt

Add contact's details from NetHunt CRM to DocuSign documents automatically, e.g. first and last name, title, company, address, etc. Send documents over to your contacts and get them signed.

Keep track of the document status

Track the status of documents that you sent for approval right in your NetHunt CRM and get notified when the document is signed.

Log and store documents in NetHunt CRM

Automatically link and store documents linked to the contact or company in NetHunt CRM, so they'll be easy to find when they're needed. Share signed documents with your colleagues by granting permissions and access.

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